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Table 3 Pearson item-total correlation coefficients of the ICDSC (n = 77 patients; 507 test occasions)

From: Psychometric properties of the intensive care delirium screening checklist when used by bedside nurses in clinical practice: a prospective descriptive study

ICDSC itemsCorrected item-total correlationsTotal alpha if item is deleted
Item 1 “Altered level of consciousness”0.6380.811
Item 2 “Inattention”0.5860.819
Item 3 “Disorientation”0.5880.819
Item 4 “Hallucination, delusion, psychosis”0.5070.829
Item 5 “Psychomotor agitation or retardation”0.6610.808
Item 6 “Inappropriate speech or mood”0.5750.822
Item 7 “Sleep/wake cycle disturbance”0.4690.837
Item 8 “Symptom fluctuation”0.6040.816