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Table 1 A practical example from the qualitative analysis

From: Exploring the experiences of being an ethnic minority student within undergraduate nurse education: a qualitative study

ParticipantMeaning unitCondensed meaning unitAbstracted meaning unit/codeCategories
8“I feel lonely. I am afraid for asking the other students.”The student was speaking about feelings of being alone and isolated.The student felt isolated.Feeling isolated
4“I feel I need a person who I could ask about everything connected to be a nurse.”The student expressed a need of interpersonal support.The student felt a need of interpersonal support.Student support
1“It is difficult for me to write, to choose right words, to find synonyms – to formulate in an adult way. I feel I have a childish language.”The student found it difficult to write in an academic way and perceived to have a childish language.The student had difficulties in writing and had a poorly language.Challenges with language and culture