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Table 1 Participant Demographics

From: Critical nursing and health care aide behaviors in care of the nursing home resident dying with dementia

Variablen (%)
 Female15 (100)
Experience in YearsNurses (mean)Health Care Aides (mean)
 Personal Care Home14.8813.84
Total Health Care Experience19.6913.84
Professional Designation
 Registered Nurse4(27)
 Licensed Practical Nurse4(27)
 Health Care Aide7(47)
Education Completed
 Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing1 (7)
 Registered Nurse Diploma3 (20)
 Licensed Practical Nursing Diploma4 (27)
 Health Care Aide Certification7(47)
Employment Status
Specialized Palliative Care Course
Dementia Care Training (n = 14)
Hospice and Palliative Care Nursing Certification (Nurses only; n = 8)
Gerontological Nursing Certification (Nurses only; n = 8)