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Table 4 Results of Multiple Logistic Regression Model

From: Factors associated with job satisfaction among graduate nursing faculties in Nepal

ParameterEstimatePr > ChiSqOdds Ratio95% CI Odds Ratio
Age Group (ref: <=35 years)
 Age 36–45 years−0.0670.9000.9350.3252.645
 Age 46 and older0.5390.4851.7140.3687.864
Male Gender0.2550.8581.2900.09737.071
Specialty (ref: Adult Health)
 Child Health0.5630.3471.7560.5435.785
 Community Health−0.3270.7460.7210.0945.254
 Mental Health0.5330.5171.7040.3308.571
 Maternal Health0.6850.2091.9840.6855.895
Responsibility in MSN−0.1150.8850.8920.1814.165
Public Institution0.0850.8661.0880.4032.910
Provident Fund Benefits0.8420.1552.3200.7377.685
Healthcare Benefits0.2990.6181.3480.4164.491
Decision Making (ref: Never or Rarely)
 Often or Always1.5750.0194.8331.35319.111
No clinical in PM1.1940.0693.2990.92412.357
AM Clinical after 7 AM0.4350.3521.5440.6173.894
Weekly Work Overload (ref: < 42 h/wk)0.6830.1981.9790.7205.844
Lower Course Load (ref: > = 125 h/yr)0.8810.0822.4140.9076.726
Professional Development (ref: < 5 days)0.8520.0722.3430.9336.053
Adequate Reference Books1.0720.0502.9221.0268.953
Adequate Medical/Nursing Journals0.8420.0902.3210.8886.299
Adequate Internet Access1.3670.1003.9220.85623.701
Privilege to Set Questions for Test0.4950.3781.6410.5414.966
Total compensation above median0.0930.8521.0980.4082.940
Long Institutional Tenure (ref: < 7 yrs)0.4270.4421.5330.5164.628
Model Performance Measures:
 Max-rescaled R-Square0.469   
 Likelihood Ratio Test (p-value)<.0001   
 Area Under Receiver Operating Curve0.855   
 Hosmer-Lameshow Goodness-of-Fit (p-value)0.609   
  1. Health Care benefits: Employee welfare benefit provided by an employer that provide medical care for the employee and their dependents (Father and mother or father-in-law and mother-in-law, husband/wife, children)