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Table 3 Organization related characteristic of nursing faculty

From: Factors associated with job satisfaction among graduate nursing faculties in Nepal

CharacteristicsTotalNot-SatisfiedSatisfiedp-value1Effect Size2
(N = 171)(n0 = 108)(n1 = 63)
Type of Institution
Promotional opportunity9756.7%47.2%73.0%0.0010.251
Grade opportunity13176.6%69.4%88.9%0.0040.222
Provident fund benefits10963.7%50.0%87.3%<.00010.374
Healthcare benefits12774.3%66.7%87.3%0.0030.228
Involved in decision making
 Never or Rarely5532.2%40.7%17.5%0.0020.274
 Often or Always5733.3%25.0%47.6%  
Provision of supervisory Pay5632.7%33.3%31.8%0.831−0.016
Provision of clinical Pay3118.1%14.8%23.8%0.1410.113
PM clinical14786.0%91.7%76.2%0.005−0.215
AM clinical starting ≥ 8 am7946.2%41.7%54.0%0.1200.119
Clinical duty ≥ 7 h7745.0%39.8%54.0%0.0730.137
Overall workload
 Normal (≤ 41 h)9455.0%59.3%47.6%0.1400.113
 Overload (≥ 42 h)7745.0%40.7%52.4%  
Teaching load per year
  ≤ 124 h7543.9%38.0%54.0%0.042−0.156
  ≥ 125 h9656.1%62.0%46.0%  
Professional Development
  ≤ 4 days9555.6%65.7%38.1%0.0000.268
  ≥ 5 days7644.4%34.3%61.9%  
Adequate textbook12874.9%66.7%88.9%0.0010.247
Adequate reference book11366.1%55.6%84.1%0.0000.291
Adequate Med/Nursing Journals9857.3%45.4%77.8%<.00010.316
Adequate internet facilities14383.6%77.8%93.7%0.0070.207
Question setting for tests8549.7%41.7%63.5%0.0060.211
Benefits offered (μ = Rs56K)
 Below average11869.0%75.9%57.1%0.0100.196
 Above average5331.0%24.1%42.9%  
  1. Notes
  2. 1p-value: all p-values are based on Chi-square test statistics
  3. 2Effect size: the magnitude and direction of relationship of all categorical variables with the outcome are based on Cramer’s V test statistics