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Table 3 Summary of results

From: ‘Thinking outside the box’: advanced geriatric nursing in primary health care in Scandinavia

Domain The current challenges in health services for older population
Categories Care needs of comorbid older patients aging in place Lack of competent staff Organisational challenges
Sub-categories Complex care needs Medical competence Collaboration
Loneliness and lack of social support Competence in gerontology and geriatrics Continuity
Domain The envisioned GNP scope of practice in health services for the older population
Categories Advanced competence closer to the patient Autonomous role including task-shifting Linking role
Sub-categories Competence to meet the needs of geriatric patient Autonomous role with focus on assessments Link between patient, nurse and physician
Combining the nursing and medicine paradigm Task-shifting Link between patient and care
Being positioned close to the patients   Link to evidence-based practice
Domain Factors influencing the implementation of the GNP role
Categories GNP competence level Unclear role and scope of practice Openness to reorganisation
Sub-categories Doubts about GNP competence level Rights and obligations Changing traditional systems
Taking on increased responsibility and gaining trust GNP models Allocation of resources