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Table 2 Analysis; examples of meaning units, sub-categories and categories

From: ‘Thinking outside the box’: advanced geriatric nursing in primary health care in Scandinavia

The current challenges in health services for older population
Meaning units Sub-category Category
The physicians cannot handle it all, we have to raise our level to handle the current needs of the aging population. Medical competence Lack of competent staff
It happens that we don’t have an on-call physician. Then we have to contact the hospital … If we would have a physician here the patients would get treatment earlier, and would not have to travel to the hospital (that is hours away) Medical competence Lack of competent staff
Firstly, we have no geriatrician, a doctor, and that it is very odd… how serious is the task taken...? I think of doctors and hospital, who is engaging in these old people, geriatric patients… Competence in gerontology and geriatrics Lack of competent staff
When it comes to care for the older population there is a need… a need of education in geriatrics… everyone working should have it… it goes without saying… it is the foundation. Competence in gerontology and geriatrics Lack of competent staff
This… collaboration between these different levels of care and different care givers… There we have a big problem. Collaboration Organisational challenges
The challenge is also that you lack a really good cooperation with the physicians. With some physicians there is good cooperation, with others there is not, and then it is like running the forehead against a wall. Collaboration Organisational challenges