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Table 1 Operational definition of study variables

From: Incidence and predictors of groin complications early after coronary artery intervention: a prospective observational study

Variable Definition
Hypertension The categories of blood pressure (category: systolic mmHg(S), diastolic mmHg(D)) as: optimal (S < 120, D < 80), normal (S < 130, D < 85), high normal (S 130–139, D 85–89), stage1(mild) (S 140–159, D 90–99), stage 2 (moderate) (S 160–179, D 100–109), and stage 3 (severe) (S ≥ 180, D ≥ 110) [29].
Body mass index Weight in kilograms divided on height in meters squared (kg/m2). Categories as: underweight (Less than18.5 kg/m2), normal (Between 18.5 kg/m2 and 24.9 kg/m2), and overweight (More than 25 kg/m2) [29].
Number of femoral punctures The number of groin punctures to achieve proper femoral artery cannulation.
Oozing Presence of any leakage of blood from the puncture site. The blood tainted area is < 3 × 3 cm2 on the gauze, but it does not reach the level of bleeding [18].
Ecchymosis (bruising) Presence of any skin discoloration associated with pain and minor swelling [16].
Bleeding Considered present when there is more than 2 g/dl loss from baseline of hemoglobin from puncture site [18].
Hematoma Swelling mass surrounding the puncture site hard, palpable, and tender (Small hematoma: < 5 cm in diameter, Large hematoma: > 5 cm in diameter) [17].
Pseudoaneurysm Pulsatile mass; presence of a palpable mass with corresponding movement to systole and diastole diagnosed by Doppler ultrasound detecting flow [14].
Retroperitoneal bleeding Moderate to severe back pain associated with hypotension and tachycardia diagnosed by computed tomography [17].
Femoral occlusion (Thrombosis) Complete occlusion of the femoral vessel as detected by the absence of distal foot pulses, and confirmed by Doppler ultrasound detecting flow [17].
Arteriovenous fistula Abnormal communication between the femoral artery and vein produces palpable thrill and bruit sound confirmed by a stethoscope placed over the puncture site, and by Doppler ultrasound detecting flow [17].