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Table 5 Bivariate Associations and Linear Regression Analysis of Personal factors that influence and predict Role Transition

From: Factors that influence transition to advanced roles by RN to BSN nurses, in three selected hospitals of Central-Uganda

Variables r A(R2) β P
Demographic Characteristics
 Managerial Role .297a .068 2.387 .042
 Job Promotion. .331a .091 1.890 .019
 Internal desire for Self-development .286a .063 4.833 .042
 Career Development .371b .120 3.233 .007
Knowledge & Preparation
 Awareness of Role Transition. .473b .208 2.955 .000
 Preparedness for Role Transition. .346a .102 1.990 .013
Cultural Beliefs and Attitudes
 Nurses/Doctors felt that I was doing doctors’ work .172 .010 .838 .227
 Other Nurses/Staff did not respect me as a BSN .103 −.010 .472 .473
 I have changed the way I practice nursing today as a BSN compared to when I was an RN .336a .095 1.396 .016
 I was well prepared for my individualized care roles .234 .035 1.971 .099
 I did not feel pressure when I assumed more responsibilities, authority, and increased accountability .357a .109 1.384 .010
 I was not stopped from carrying out certain tasks that belong to advanced roles of the BSN (RN) nurse .374b .122 1.487 .007
 I did not feel guilt, emotional and or psychological dissatisfaction, and distress upon leaving my previous diploma RN roles .349a .104 2.079 .012
 I felt that my new BSN roles did not distance me from patient-bedside care .329a .090 1.609 .018
 I found it easier to delegate duties that I previously performed as an RN .240 .058 .866 .093
 My previous experience or knowledge on the complexity of the clinical setting made my transition easier .308a .077 1.170 .028
 It was easier for me to let go of the way I practiced by RN roles .394b .138 1.961 .004
 I felt like my BSN nurse roles were not confusing (ambiguous or vague) .307a .076 1.201 .028
 As a BSN nurse, I felt I had achieved what took me back to school .380b .125 1.651 .008
  1. Note. aCorrelation was significant at the 0.05 level (2 tailed) b Correlation was significant at the 0.01 level (2 tailed), A (R2) adjusted R squared