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Table 2 Frequency of checks and laboratories according to the patient’s cardiovascular risk (usual care)

From: "Teaching: Individual" to increase adherence to therapeutic regimen in people with hypertension and type-2 diabetes: protocol of the controlled clinical trial ENURSIN.

  Cardiovascular Risk
Health professional Low Moderate High Very high
General physician Six-monthly Quarterly
Nurse Six-monthly Six-monthly Annual Annual
Nutritionist Annual Six-monthly Six-monthly Six-monthly
Psychologist Annual Six-monthly Six-monthly Six-monthly
Internal medicine physician Annual Four-monthly Quarterly
Cardiologist Annual Annual
Nephrologist Annual Six-monthly
Neurologist Annual
Ophthalmologist Six-monthly
Medical testa Low Moderate High Very high
Hemogram Six-monthly Annual Six-monthly
Basal glycaemia Annual Annual Quarterly
Lipidic profile Annual Annual Annual
Partial urine Annual Annual Annual
Serum creatinine Annual Annual Annual
Electrocardiogram Six-monthly Six-monthly Annual
Glycosylated hemoglobin Quarterly
Microalbuminuria Annual Annual
Echocardiogram Six-monthly Six-monthly
Potassium Annual
Doppler Initially
  1. Information provided by Empresa Social del Estado Instituto de Salud de Bucaramanga (ESE-ISABU). aThe medical tests are done upon admission to the program