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Table 1 Description sessions at the intervention group

From: "Teaching: Individual" to increase adherence to therapeutic regimen in people with hypertension and type-2 diabetes: protocol of the controlled clinical trial ENURSIN.

Sessions [11] Definition [11] Duration (minutes) Support material
Behavior modification Promotion of a behavior change 20–30 −Educational booklet with worksheets: motivation is the key to successful compliance with my treatment.
Diabetes mellitus
Teaching: Disease Process Assisting the patient to understand information related to a specific disease process 20–40 −Educational booklet with worksheets: once aware of my disease, I will assume my own care responsibly: hypertension and/or diabetes mellitus
Teaching: Prescribed Medication Preparing a patient to safely take prescribed medications and monitor for their effects 20–40 −Educational booklet with worksheets: medication is the key to controlling hypertension and/or diabetes mellitus
−Medicaments card
Teaching: Prescribed Diet Preparing a patient to correctly follow a prescribed diet 20–30 −Educational booklet with worksheets: Feed yourself properly, and feel healthy: pick your own recipe for control of hypertension and/or diabetes mellitus
Teaching: Prescribed Exercise Preparing a patient to achieve and/or maintain a prescribed level of activity 20–30 −Educational booklet with worksheets: I exercise my body, improve my health and help control my disease.
Diabetes mellitus
Coping Enhancement Assisting a patient to adapt to perceived stressors, changes, or threats that interfere with meeting life demands and roles 20–30 −Educational booklet with worksheets: I control my stress and improve my physical and mental health