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Table 3 PHASe n and proportion who respond ‘Always’ or ‘Very often’ when asked with what frequency they conduct 14 physical healthcare-related items when working with mental health clients

From: Mental health nurses’ attitudes, experience, and knowledge regarding routine physical healthcare: systematic, integrative review of studies involving 7,549 nurses working in mental health settings

  1. *p < .05 **p < .01 ***p < .001 ˅ Compares unfavourably with reference sample; ˄ Compares favourably with reference sample; NS Not significant; FEP First Episode Psychosis. a “How often do you undertake each of the following practices with consumers?” (response options: never, rarely, often, very often, always) vs. ‘My current practice involves… (response options: never, rarely, often, very often, always) bNo data presented for three items. Bold indicates the sample with the most favourable response by statement.