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Table 1 Building Blocks Focus Group sampling criteria per site

From: Implementation of the Family Nurse Partnership programme in England: experiences of key health professionals explored through trial parallel process evaluation

Site ID Site sampling criteria Professional groups Focus group time frame
G Wave 1, smaller city/urban character, low trial recruitment FN, HV, MW Round 1:
15 March to 7 June 2011
(NB low-medium-high recruitment measured in total number of women recruited)
R Wave 2, rural, medium trial recruitment FN, HV(× 2), MW
N Wave 1, smaller city/rural character, low trial recruitment FN, HV, MW
Q Wave 2, large city, high trial recruitment FN, HV, MW
H Wave 1, urban, late* trial recruiting site FN Round 2:
26 April to 25 June 2012
(all sites expected to have medium to high number of handovers at time of FG meeting)
J Wave 1, London, early stop* trial recruiting site FN, HV
C Wave 2, urban, late trial recruiting site FN
I Wave 2, rural, medium length* trial recruitment FN, HV
  1. *early/medium/late refers to length of trial recruitment period which varied across sites: early: recruitment to trial finished by end March 2010, medium: finished by end May 2010, late: finished by end June 2010