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Table 5 Consequences of nurse turnover in five private general hospitals in Malang Raya as perceived by hospital managers

From: Nurse turnover and perceived causes and consequences: a preliminary study at private hospitals in Indonesia

Consequences on:
Patient Nurse Doctor Hospital
1. Patients perceive that nurses are not professional (because of the lack of skill)
2. Patients’ trust and satisfaction decreases
3. Patients’ complaints about nursing services increase
1. Senior nurses complain about higher workload because of nurse shortage
2. Nurses need to re-adapt and build new relationships, trust, teamwork
3. Senior nurses’ workload increases due to the new nurses’ adaptation process
4. Nurses feel reluctant to repeatedly teach and adapt to the new nurses
1. Doctors perceive that nurses lack skill
2. Nurses’ lack of skill disrupts service delivery to patients
3. Doctors feel unwilling to teach and adapt to the new nurses repeatedly
4. Nurse turnover increases Doctors’ complaints
1. Nurse turnover disturbs hospital services
2. Nurse turnover disturbs staffing practices
3. Nurse turnover leads to challenges in recruiting the replacement
4. Nurse turnover disturbs managerial processes
5. Nurse turnover increases hospital costs and disturbs hospital revenue